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Student Accommodations in St. Petersburg

Staying in a new city like St. Petersburg can be both exciting and challenging for students, and finding well-matched accommodations can make all the difference to a positive and engaging Russian language programme. At Liden & Denz, we work closely with our clients to ensure that all students are able to find accommodations that align closely with their interests, needs, and preferences by connecting our students with dedicated accommodation officers. The wide variety of accommodation types we provide to students reflects the diverse goals and lifestyles of our student community. However, all of our accommodations have a few things in common. First, they are all within an easy commute from the St. Petersburg campus. Secondly, all of our accommodations have been inspected by Liden & Denz. Third, special dietary requirements can be accommodated for no charge, if mentioned upon booking. As a result, students can feel assured in their choice to book accommodations through Liden & Denz. Students are also welcome to find accommodations independently, although they will not be eligible for Liden & Denz’s complimentary arrival transfers.


Supplement Your Russian Language Lessons with a Home-Stay (Host Family)

Staying with a host family is an unforgettable experience for many Liden & Denz students, as it adds not only to the personal comfort of their time in St. Petersburg, but also contributes to the process of learning Russian. All home-stays involve families hand-selected by Liden & Denz – perhaps a married couple with children, but also potentially a single person, elderly couple, etc. – based on their ability to connect with students and contribute positively to their stay in Russia. We look for families that are sociable and welcoming, and who will be enthusiastic about patiently speaking Russian with students and helping them with any problems they may face while staying in St. Petersburg. There are a range of home-stay types available: students may choose to stay in a single room or a double room with another student, and may choose a bed and breakfast or half-board (breakfast and dinner) meal option. Students will also share common spaces with their host families, including the bathroom and the kitchen. Students should note that:

  • The fee for home-stays is calculated from Sunday to Sunday, and students who arrive before Sunday will need to pay extra fees
  • Five or more extra days are calculated as equivalent to one week for fee purposes


Single room with breakfast
Per week


Half Board supplement
Per week


One-way transfer
Per transfer

Stay in Shared Flats (18+) While Attending Russian Language School

Liden & Denz St. Petersburg is a close-knit community, and for many students the opportunity to extend this community into their living arrangements is very appealing. Our shared flats are the perfect option for these students, allowing classmates to socialise and learn with each other even outside the classroom. We select our flats based on a combination of location and quality. All flats include a private bedroom for each tenant, and are all in central St. Petersburg. In fact, most of our flats are within walking distance of the Liden & Denz St. Petersburg campus, and all are very close the metro lines. Students should note a few key points regarding our shared flats:

  • Shared flats are only available to students aged 18+
  • The fee for flats is calculated from Sunday to Sunday, students who arrive before Sunday will need to pay extra fees
  • One or more extra days are calculated as equivalent to one week for fee purposes
  • Flats include bed linens, towels, kitchen equipment, a telephone, WiFi, and a washing machine

By choosing to stay in our shared flats, Liden & Denz students will be well-prepared to attend their Russian language studies easily and comfortably.


Shared room
Per week


One-way transfer
Per transfer

Find a Hotel in St. Petersburg

We have picked out a few of the best hotel accommodation options for students during their Russian language studies. The following hotels were selected based on their proximity to the Liden & Denz campus, or for their student budget suitability.

Student testimonials

Nice teachers

Crazy! (in a positive way), I am very happy about it! Read more

Martina Perini

Martina Perini
20 y.o., Italy
Course: Intensive Group Course
Length of stay: 2 weeks
Year of stay: 2018

Useful and Enjoyable

The family I stayed with was really nice, and the school staff are really helpful and available. It was a useful and enjoyable experience! Read more

Francesca Sezzella

Francesca Sezzella
0 y.o., Italy
Course: Intensive Group Course
Length of stay: 4 weeks
Year of stay: 2018

I’m going to miss them !

I am going miss them ! If you have a problem, the staff of school always helps you even though it does not connect with... Read more

Anika Fuchs
19 y.o., Germany
Course: Standard Group Course
Length of stay: 12 weeks
Year of stay: 2018

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