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Russian Learning Programme Procedures & Terms

Taking Russian language studies in another country requires careful preparation. With that in mind, we have developed an in-depth procedures and terms guide full of the information you need to make the process as smooth as possible.

The Booking Procedure for Signing Up for Russian Language Courses

There are two different ways to sign up at Liden & Denz, either directly through our website or with the help of one of our 200 appointed booking agents located in over 50 different countries. Booking with an agent offers several perks; they can offer you advice on airfare and travel insurance, and help organise your visa. When booking through an agent, the price should be the same as booking with us directly, but will be charged in your local currency, and you will be under full legal cover of your local jurisdiction. Upon your request, we are happy to send you the names and locations of our closest agents to you.

If you wish to sign up for Russian language training directly, the simplest way is to use our Online Signup Form. Simply download the Paper Signup Form, complete it, and email it back to us. The paper signup form also offers information about current data and fees. If you’re enrolling in a one-on-one course, you must complete a Needs Analysis Form, which is included in the online signup form. We are always sure to confirm receiving your booking within 24 hours. You may also download information about current course dates and fees here.

Throughout the booking process, you will receive several emails from us.

You will receive from us (by email only):

  • A booking confirmation and invoice – immediately
  • A visa support letter – immediately if the course is four weeks or less, or within three to four weeks if not
  • Accommodation confirmation – three weeks prior to arrival

For your booking to become valid, you need to pay a non-refundable enrolment fee, which covers any visa and paperwork-related expenses. For your convenience, we recommend settling the enrolment fee and course costs at one time. However, this is not mandatory. If you wish to change your booking after arrival, such as changing from a group Russian learning course to a one-on-one, an alteration fee of €25 will be charged.

Please note that banking information for payments to Liden & Denz is included in your invoice.

Procedure for Work Experience Students

Depending on your understanding of the Russian language, you can sign up for a work experience programme with or without participating in a Russian learning programme. If you are interested in either a combined stay, which is a language course with internship or volunteer work, or a work-experience stay, please fill out this Online Signup Form, and also complete the Work Experience Booking Form and return it to us by email. In addition to the Signup and Booking Forms, we also require:

  • A recent Curriculum Vitae in English or Russian with a photograph
  • A letter of motivation in either English or Russian
  • Your results of our Russian language test

Because language skill requirements differ per opportunity, we ask that you only apply if your skill level is at least A2 upon your arrival. In addition, if you are applying for an internship, please only apply if you have relevant experience working in the field and have the necessary qualifications. You can expect Liden & Denz to send an email confirmation that we have received your documents within 24 hours. You will receive your work placement confirmation, which is composed of two documents: a Letter of Acceptance and Placement Description Form, as soon as we receive commitment from your host company or six weeks prior to your start date at the latest.

Conditions & Terms of Participation

Booking Deadlines

For students who do not require a visa to Russia or Latvia, the booking deadline is one week prior to arrival Students who require a visa to study in Russia or Latvia should review the booking deadlines outlined in the Visa Information Section.

Terms of Payment

All course costs and enrolment fees must be paid no later than 30 days before the start of courses. For students signing up within 30 days of the beginning of the course, all costs and fees are due immediately. Students can pay by international wire.


With Russian language courses starting on Monday, our designated arrival day is Sunday. Students who have booked accommodation through Liden & Denz will be picked up from the airport or railway station and transported to their accommodation free of charge.

Lesson Length

Each of our lessons is 50 minutes in length.

Cancellation Fees

The fees for cancelling 30 days prior to the beginning of the course are 10%. Fees for cancelling 10 days prior are 25%. Beyond that, cancellations are subject to 50% of the total fee. Please note that if you cancel a course after visa support has already been provided, your cancellation fee will not be less than the invoiced amount for enrollment and visa related cancellation fee services. If you wish to cancel your booking, please communicate the cancellation in writing to our central booking office in St. Petersburg or to your local agent.

Program Interruption or Discontinuance

If you booked directly with the school and have completed a portion of your studies and wish to terminate the rest of your course early, we will refund a portion of your fees and retain the rest. With one week advanced notice, we will retain your course and accommodation fees for two weeks, and with no notice, we will retain three weeks of your course and accommodation fees. Please make sure to provide cancellation notice in writing to a member of Linden & Denz’ administrative staff by email. If you booked with an agent, please refer to your agent’s own conditions for refunds.

Change of Workplace for Work Experience Students

Once a work placement is agreed upon according to the requirements and profile of the student and host company and confirmed, no programme changes can be made.

Late Arrival and Absences

For all instances where Liden & Denz is not responsible, reimbursement for missed class time will not be provided. In addition, absences cannot be compensated for by taking additional courses.

Age Requirements for Russian Language Courses

The minimum age requirement to take Russian language studies at Liden & Denz is 16. However, students of all ages are allowed in a closed group if they are accompanied by an adult leader. For work experience programmes, only those aged 21 or above are allowed to participate in internships and 18 and above are allowed to volunteer.

Insurance Coverage

As Liden & Denz does not automatically provide insurance, we encourage all students to consult with their current personal insurance providers to confirm they are covered against illness, theft, accident, and personal liability while abroad. In the case of inadequate coverage, Liden & Denz can provide the service of an international insurer upon request.


Liden & Denz will do its best to ensure each student’s accommodation preferences are met. However, this may not be possible in every circumstance, and we will not issue a refund if students do not receive their preferred type of accommodation. We offer a range of highly suitable accommodation options, each offering a fantastic study abroad experience. Our accommodations include:

  • Host Families: Your home stay will be confirmed three weeks prior to arrival. If needed, host families can be changed after arrival, but only on weekends. If a change is needed immediately, students will be subject to paying a fee.
  • Shared Flats: Your shared flat accommodation will be confirmed three weeks prior to arrival. If your arrival day does not fall on a Sunday, note that a pickup transfer is necessary in order to hand over the key and instructions. A damage deposit of 200 Euros is required on arrival by freezing the amount on the student’s credit card. Upon completion of your stay, the amount will be returned in full, except for any costs incurred by damage, breakage, or loss.
  • Private Apartments: Apartments are selected based on student preferences prior to arrival. Apartments can be changed after arrival, but no earlier than one week after the date of arrival, and a handling fee of 100 Euros is required. If cancellation occurs less than two weeks prior to the arrival date, a cancellation fee up to 500 Euros may apply (exact amount will depend on length of stay and apartment price).

While taking Russian language courses, work experience students can choose to stay in either a shared apartment or with a host family. Once the work experience placement starts, students are required to move into a shared apartment.

Changes of Programming

Liden & Denz reserves the right to make necessary changes to programmes in the event of riots, strikes, war, or other force majeure events, and cannot be held responsible for changes occurring as a result.

Public Holiday Closures

Our Russian language institute is closed on the following public holidays:

  • January 1, 2, and 7
  • February 23
  • March 8
  • May 1 and 9
  • June 12
  • November 4
  • January 1
  • March 25 and 28
  • May 1 and 4
  • June 23 and 24
  • November 18
  • December 26

As our schools are closed, no lessons are run on these days. Reimbursements will only be made to students in one-on-one courses.

telc Exam Booking Terms

When cancelling your telc exam no less than 30 days prior to the exam date, you will incur no cancellation fees. However, if cancellation occurs within 30 days of the exam, the cancellation fee is 100% of the exam fee. Please communicate all cancellations in writing to our central booking office in St. Petersburg or to your local agent.

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