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Liden & Denz is a leading provider of Russian language courses that students from around the world trust with their language learning needs. Do you want to know more? Explore the media coverage of our Russian language institute to learn more about the latest events, announcements, and accomplishments at Liden & Denz.

Liden & Denz in the media


Russia is home to some of the most beautiful and remarkable places on the planet. Being the largest country in the world, she stretches over...


If you have been to Russia before you have probably heard of Pel’meni. This delicious dish was most likely brought to Russia from China by...

Music is something that connects people. It is not otherwise in Russia, neither. There are a few songs that all Russians have heard a thousand...

When it comes to visiting Russia, the ordinary tourist has two destinations on their mind: Moscow and Saint Petersburg. But believe me, there’s more to...

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