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Beyond Russian Courses: Book Activities in St. Petersburg

With years of experience acquainting students with Russian language and culture, Liden & Denz is in the perfect position to help you discover the city that we call home. Due to its long history, St. Petersburg is particularly rich in opportunities for exploration and learning, appealing architecture, and many landmarks.

We offer an exciting variety of tours and excursions for those studying Russian at Liden & Denz, as well as individuals who are just looking for an engaging way to explore St. Petersburg. Whether you want a day of activity, a reflective historical journey, or a lively social event, Liden & Denz has something for you. Check out the calendar below to see our upcoming events, and use the booking tool or contact us directly to reserve your activity!

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Ulitsa Zhukovskogo 3, 4th floor, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

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Monday to Friday, 08:30-19:00 (Moscow Time)

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+7 (812) 602 03 99

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Student testimonials

I went on a couple of tours through Liden & Denz and was really impressed with the standard. The tour guides are super enthusiastic and knowledgeable and there was not one dull moment!

Claire Burchett

The trip to Maslenitsa Festival in Pavlovsk was exciting and informative! I definitely recommend to discover St.Petersburg with Liden & Denz!

Ayla Opats

The walking tour was a brilliant way to get to know St.Petersburg and it really gave me a sense of the layout of the city. Our tour guide, Varvara, was very informative and was good at explaining the cultural and historical significance of the attractions. There were also plenty of opportunities for questions and photographs!

Tilly Hicklin

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