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Customers of Our Personal & Corporate Russian Courses

In response to the growing demand for modern and communicative Russian language training, Liden & Denz offers a variety of Russian courses and programmes. We teach all types of students who have many different reasons for learning Russian, whether it may be for personal or professional reasons, or for test preparation.

Russian Language Training for Personal Enrichment

Many of our students travel from across the globe to study with us for an enriching cultural experience. Studying a new language while exploring an unfamiliar destination is a fantastic way to enhance your travels. You will learn to understand the language being spoken around you, be able to interact with locals, and feel truly immersed in the culture.

Russian Language Courses for Companies and Professionals

Liden & Denz is a trusted Russian courses provider of many international corporations around the world and in Russia. In addition, we have trained a number of diplomats from a variety of countries.

Staff members at the following companies have taken Russian language studies with us:

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