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Become an Educational Booking Agent for the Liden & Denz Institute

Are you looking to expand your offerings to include Russian language courses? If so, Liden & Denz is the ideal language school partner for you. We have been providing leading Russian language training since 1992, with a reputation in the agency community for quality, reliability, and fairness.

Thanks to the support and votes of our valued agents, Liden & Denz has won the prestigious Study Travel Star award in the “World Languages” category five years running. Winning this award is a testament to how Liden & Denz is a respected and preferred partner of agents.

The Benefits of Becoming an Agent of our Russian Language Institute

When choosing to become an agent of Liden & Denz, you will benefit from the following:

  • Fair commission rates that are individually agreed upon and typically depend on volume targets
  • Speedy replies, as 90% of our enquiries are responded to within the same business day
  • Only having one point of contact, our Central Booking Office, for our four school locations
  • Free training for you and your sales staff in your offices, as well as off-site visits to our language school destinations with local costs covered by us
  • A trusting relationship, and our promise to never promote to your students directly and that no data from your students will be used for promotional activity
  • The ability to take advantage of discounts offered to direct clients, while still keeping your normal commission rate
  • Fair cancellation policy and partially waved fees

Meet Us at an International Workshop

Liden & Denz typically attends several workshops and trade fairs throughout the year, including the IALC Workshop in April, ALPHE UK Workshop in September, and ICEF Workshop Berlin in November.

If you would like to attend an event and meet us, please contact the organisers or our marketing department for details and exact dates. Please note that the workshops are by invitation only, and the organisers carefully evaluate each agency looking to participate.

Special offer!

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