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Take the telc Language Test When You Study Russian in St Petersburg

Learning Russian is a rewarding, enriching experience in its own right. However, one way to further increase the benefits of your newfound skills is to sit a formal exam, like the telc, and earn an internationally recognized certification to demonstrate your achievements to schools and employers.

What is the telc Exam?

The telc exam available to Liden & Denz St. Petersburg students is a Russian language test that assesses general skills, with an emphasis on the capacity of the student to communicate in Russian. The test is broken into two components:

  • The written exam. Students are given between 70 and 150 minutes to complete a traditional written exam. The length depends on the exam level.
  • The oral exam. This section lasts for 15 minutes, during which students’ verbal skills are assessed either individually or in pairs.

The telc exam levels are aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and are available for Russian levels A1-B2. As the CEFR is an international standard, telc exams ensure that your language qualifications can be easily understood and compared by institutions other than your own language school, which can be a hugely important asset for students who want to use their Russian language skills to further their careers or academic paths.

How Our Russian School in St. Petersburg Prepares You for the telc Exam

As Liden & Denz is the only telc examination centre in Russia or Latvia, it is the perfect place for students to prepare for the exam. The telc tests skills that students learn during their regular courses at Liden & Denz; however, it is still important for candidates to become familiar with the exam format and what they will be expected to know prior to sitting the examination.

That is why all Liden & Denz students who plan to take the telc exam must attend a compulsory telc exam preparation module with the school during the week of their exam, which will take place on a Friday. Students should note that they must book their telc exam at least four weeks before the exam date, and that they can do so upon booking their initial course or later on. By completing the telc preparation module, students can tailor what they have learned throughout their Russian language training to the demands of the exam, maximising their potential for success.

For more detailed information, please review our booking and cancellation terms.

telc A1 Exam Description

Students at the A1 level should be able to engage in simple communications regarding concrete needs, such as social introductions, food and drink, locations, etc. They should also be able to use simple grammatical constructs.

The A1 test includes:

  • A 70 minute written exam
  • A 15 minute oral exam, immediately after the written exam with no preparation
telc A2 Exam Description

Students at the A2 level should be able to communicate simply in everyday scenarios, and should be able to hold short conversations and use simple grammatical structures correctly in a familiar context.

The A2 test includes:

  • An 80 minute oral exam
  • A 15 minute oral exam, on the day of the written exam or another day, for which you have 15 minutes to prepare
telc B1 Exam Description

Students at the B1 level should be able to communicate in a simple and connected manner in everyday situations, while travelling, and when talking about topics of personal interest. They can describe experiences, hopes, and ambitions, and can provide explanations for opinions. These students can use the most important grammatical structures correctly.

The B1 test includes:

  • A 2 hour and 30 minute written exam
  • A 15 minute oral exam, on the day of the written exam or another day, for which you have 20 minutes to prepare
telc B2 Exam Description

Students at the B2 level should be able to express themselves clearly and explicitly with good foundational grammar usage. These students should also be able to discuss and negotiate, using a large vocabulary related to their field of specialization (if they have one) as well as general subjects, and also successfully discuss and negotiate. They have a large command of the vocabulary needed for your field of specialisation and for most general topics, and their grammar usage is sound.

The B2 test includes:

  • A 2 hour and 20 minute written exam
  • A 15 minute oral exam, on the day of the written exam or another day, for which you have 20 minutes to prepare

The exam consists of a written section and an oral section. The written exam lasts 2 hours 20 minutes. Before the oral exam, you have 20 minutes to prepare. The oral exam lasts 15 minutes and can take place on the day of the written exam or on another day.

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Exam Dates:
: 01.02.2019, 01.03.2019, 29.03.2019, 26.04.2019, 24.05.2019, 21.06.2019, 26.07.2019, 30.08.2019, 27.09.2019, 25.10.2019, 22.11.2019, 20.12.2019

Student testimonial: Why take the telc exam after your Russian language studies?

I have just taken my telc exam at Liden & Denz, and thought that it would be a good opportunity to explain to fellow students what I got out of the classes and why it actually ended up being a far more rewarding experience than I originally expected. There are more than 3000 telc licensed partners over Europe, with Liden & Denz being the only licensed partner in Russia. I jumped at the chance to do it because I wanted something tangible to show for my efforts during my time in St. Petersburg, and I also wanted an internationally-recognised certificate that I could send to future employers so that they could see the progress I had made during my 18 weeks at Liden & Denz. The preparation for the exam consisted of five hours of practice classes, going through each section of the exam (Reading, Listening, Oral and Writing) to help me avoid any potential problems I might come up against. The classes themselves were far less formal than I thought they would be, so it gave me a great opportunity to ask any question I wanted and the classes were done at the speed that I wanted. I asked to spend more time on the Writing and Listening components of the exam, and Olga was very happy to focus on that and was always willing to offer me advice on how best to prepare for the exam. There were times when the classes ended up being more like a chat, and it was actually a great chance to put the work I had done in class into practice, with the added bonus of getting a certificate out of it. I am normally a complete nightmare for my friends on the day of an exam, worrying that I am going to forget everything I have ever learnt, even my name. I have never actually felt so relaxed going into an exam in my life. I was so well prepared for every aspect that I was actually looking forward to speaking a bit more Russian, and the examiners genuinely wanted me to speak well. So in short, I would definitely recommend consolidating all your hard work at Liden & Denz with a telc exam. To leave Russia with an actual certificate showing the progress that you have made during your time at Liden & Denz is not only satisfying but will also be very helpful when it comes to impressing future employers, such is the international recognition of telc itself. I will keep you posted on my results!

James Bradstock

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